Angelina Ballerina.

New Dance Teacher

This app adaption of the popular TV-series character Angelina Ballerina was produced and developed by us togheter with Callaway Digital Arts for Hit Entertainment. The app presents the story with vivid animations combining the reading experience with the movie narrative in a unique way. The app itself has been a popular addition to the App Store targeting both iPhone and iPad, holding top spots in the US App Store in it’s category and has been featured by Apple on several different occasions.

Our friends at Commind helped out with parts of the programming togheter with us and we did with some of the graphics and animations. For this production Callaway did most of the animations and concept design.

Bubble Pop Game

Along with the creation of the Angelina Ballerina’s New Dance Teacher a game was developed with Angelina as the main character. Concept design was made by Callawy Digital Arts – we produced this app togheter with our friends at Commind and it was released as a separate game app for the iPhone/iPad along with the book app on the App Store as well as a part of the book app itself.

  • Callaway Digital Art Inc. / Hit Entertainment
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