Over the years we have been involved in many artistic projects creating lightshows and projections, working with theaters doing scenography, participated in Art exhibitions, made installations and performance acts – all to keep our creative side alive and vivid.

Some of that work is featured in our portfolio, and we’ll see if we can get more in there. Unfotunately a lot of these projects have been hard to document due to the nature of them, lo light conditions and other limitations. Most of these projects are the “need to be there and see it”-type of projects.

In 2003 we participated in a project that was one of the first large scale projections in Sweden with material interacting with the architecture of the building it was projected on. Since then we have made several projections on buildings in various cities in Sweden, on fountains and water walls, gardens etc. It’s always a fun and exciting challenge taking on these projects.

Working with theaters we helped starting a new trend in Sweden where the use and integration of film and motion graphics into the play itself as a virtual actor has become common use.