During the course of the years we’ve been involved in many projects for large clients both. Our participation have varied in many ways from Art Direction to programming to concept development. This page is here to mention some of the clients that we’ve produced interactive B2B projects, movies and sales material for.

Among some of the bigger clients we’ve been doing productions for you’ll find names such as IKEA, Tetra Pak, Skanska, Alfa Laval, Sony Ericsson, Wayne, Honda, Egmont, Adidas, BMW, Nestlé, Cherios, SVT, SR, Cartoon Network, UNICEF, Volvo, Doro, Bonniers, Ferrero, Telia, etc…

Very often when doing productions we do this work through communication bureaus or ad agencies and sometimes we work directly with the clients. Some examples of agencies and bureaus we have worked with are Adentity Marketing Communication, Symbal Communication, W Communication Agency, First Flight Communication, Eight, Sigma IT & Management, *Tivity etc.

Another common situation is doing projects within the network with our friends at Commind, Vitamin, 040, Primitiv and OddOneOut.