Ingen Anledning Till Panik.

The orginal play Ingen Anledning Till Panik (“No Reason To Panic”) by Varietéteatern Barbès and the actor Per Sörberg was a celebrated performance where we participated in creating parts of the scenography as movie backdrops interacting with the actors on stage as well as being a part of the play as a virtual actor participating in the events on stage.

The experimental and cross over use of projections as an integrated part of what was being told on stage was well recieved by audience as well as critics and helped in the overall movement towards this way of storytelling among theaters in Sweden.

To us this was a very fun and creative project as we participated in the process when the script was being written and contributed to the events in it.

All though it’s just a small selection of all the projections in the play the movie above shows a couple of examples of how the projections were integrated and should give an idea as to how it worked.

  • Varietéteatern Barbès