Macbeth – Blod istället för mjölk.

This adoption of Shakespear’s Macbeth by Varieteteatern Barbès (title translated to english: “Macbeth – Blod instead of milk”) was played in the fall 2009. We did several backdrop projections and integrated material in the play itself. We also did the posters and marketing material for this one.

The play itself was an eerie dark version of the original Macbeth. It was well recieved and appreciated. Unfoturnately due to it’s overall darkness and play with lights it was more or less impossible to document. Although the clip above is short it gives an idea of the mood in the play and how our projections were used. The scene is from the beginning of the play where the three witches starts their haunting of Macbeth.

  • Varietéteatern Barbès