Miss Spider’s Tea Party & Bed Time Story.

Tea Party

The Miss Spider’s Tea Party app, based on the popular childrens book character Miss Spider by author David Kirk, was the first app we developed for Callaway Digital Arts. This was a project that was started back in 2009. Initially we created an iPhone version for this app (this was before the iPad even existed on the market). This inital version of the app was never actually released on the App Store, but got picked up by people at Apple and eventually found it’s way into the hands of Steve Jobs. This event resulted in Steve Jobs wanting the Miss Spider app to be present in the App Store and available for the release of the first generation iPad. This lead to  this app being one of the first apps released specifically for the iPad and being available on launch day of the first generation iPad.

We developed the concept and design togheter with Callaway Digital Arts Inc. (or Callaway Arts & Entertainment as their name was back then). We also programmed and did the animations for this app and our friends at Primitiv helped out with the music and sound effects. The app itself has been a popular addition to the App Store since 2010, on top positions in it’s category in the US App Store and still today holds it’s grounds and have featured by Apple several times. The Miss Spider app was released as a separate iPhone and iPad app in 2010.

Bed Time Story

This follow-up Miss Spider app is based on the characters in the TV-series Sunny Patch which in turn is based on the books by David Kirk. For this app we did the programming and the animations and part of the graphics. The app itself was featured by Apple and have been high in top charts in the US App Store since it’s release in September 2011. This app was produced for iPad only. Primitiv helped out with the music and sound effects along with some of the animations.

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