Vinterstad: Östersund City Hall 2008 Revisited: 2010.


In 2008 we were invited to create a spectacular light show on the city hall in Östersund, Sweden. Along with other events during their anual Vinterstad-festival (“Winter town festival”) the light producers Johan Moritz and Bertil Göransson turned to us to create the content for this particular event. The light shown on the city hall was displayed frequently every night during the festival week and the ongoing Biathlon World Cup that was held in Östersund in 2008.


Two years later we were invited to revisit Östersund. In 2010 we improved and recreated the show with new material and covering not just the center building but the city hall’s two side buildings as well. The movie presents some parts of the show but unfortunately does not make justice to such a majestic experience, one really needs to see it in reality to fully experience and feel it.

Music and sound effects were created by our friends at Primitiv.